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04 Feb 2018 07:24

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Distribution where the payment is collected after items are sent or courier costs are obtained from the consignee on agreement. The provision of Freedom cards which is a onetime prepaid discount scheme is really a distinctive offering for walk in clients.

First Battle also offers customised services like centralised or decentralised billing center, round the time delivery, residential deliveries actually on Sundays and the service to grab shipment. The business requires additional treatment to keep these products properly, thus for the aid of clients an instant digital or tracking centered confirmation as well as evidence of delivery is provided. For international consignments custom approval is taken treatment by the organization and company's own airplane guarantees complete security. The organization also offers a book support of providing gifts, cards, bouquets etc to improve the emotional bond their customers share making use of their near and precious ones.

First Trip Courier Monitoring is yet another support made available from the company. By using this service consumers can know about the status of these consignments. By visiting the state web site and following simple measures they may be confident that the belongings might achieve their location on time. Multiple Consignment Checking and SMS tracking make sure that the parcels are in safe custody.

First Journey Courier Company is constantly working to supply quality in their supply services. To keep speed with the rising needs of the the organization has used a large part in making a State-of-the-Art Super Information Technology highway. A Logistics Department looking following Warehousing, Catalog Administration, Offer Chain & First Flight Courier Companies and Circulation Channels can be in the offing.

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